Pilot digital repositories established by C-DAC in collaboration with user organizations

 ♦ Pilot digital repository for National Cultural Audiovisual Archives (NCAA) project of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi 
National Cultural Audiovisual Archive (NCAA) has been certified as world's 1st Trusted Digital Repository as per ISO 16363: 2013 standard, certificate number PTAB-TDRMS 0001. NCAA was taken up for development as a pilot digital repository as part of Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation by C-DAC, Pune in collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi. NCAA digital repository is established with and powered by DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय) which is developed by C-DAC Pune in compliance with Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model ISO 14721:2012. Presently, the online version of NCAA DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय) is being used by 21 partnering organizations on day-to-day basis for developing and managing this digital repository. NCAA has a rich collection of digitized audio video recordings of 2 petabytes in size.

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 ♦ Pilot digital repository established at Kalānidhi library, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi

As per the mandate of Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation Project, C-DAC entered into MOU with Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi to develop the pilot digital repository of cultural digital data. IGNCA collects and manages the cultural heritage of India in terms of ancient manuscripts in Microfilm/Microfiche form, rare books, slides, audio visual material of cultural significance. IGNCA has already digitized a significant portion of this material and stored it in terms of thousands of CDs, DVDs and hard disks. The size of digital data stored in offline storage media is estimated to be anywhere between 50 to 100 Terabytes. Therefore, C-DAC has developed a pilot digital repository at Kalanidhi Library of IGNCA which includes various software tools like DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय): e-Library and Archival System specially customized for cultural data preservation (MARC21 and DC support), e-RUPANTAR (ई-रूपांतर): Pre-archival Processing Tool and repository hardware in terms of  server, 30 Terabyte NAS storage, External Tape Backup and technical processes. IGNCA team has sucessfully ingested and preserved around 1300 rare books and 3000 manuscripts by using DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय) system.


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 ♦ National Portal and Digital Repository for Museums of India established at C-DAC, Pune for Ministry of Culture
C-DAC has designed and developed the National Portal and Digital Repository for Museums of India, which provides online access to digital collections from 10 national museums located in different states of India. This digital repository is being managed using DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय): e-Library Archival System and ई-संग्रहण e-Sangrahan for e-acquisition which is developed under the CoE project. The e-acquisition of digital data received from 10 national museums, back end processing, preservation and web publishing are partially automated and smoothly managed using these software tools. The entire workflow is monitored through reports, logs and auditable check points. Presently, the national portal is providing online access to approximately 1,00,000 historical antiquities with approximately 4,00,000 digital images with metadata. The national portal was inaugurated by honorable Minister for Ministry of Culture, Government of India on 21st October 2014 which can be accessed from


♦ Pilot digital repository established at Registration and Stamps Department, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
As per the mandate of Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation project, C-DAC has established a pilot digital repository for Computer-Aided Administration of Registration Departments (CARD) at the data centre of Stamps and Registration Department, Andhra Pradesh. The digital repository infrastructure for CARD includes DATĀNTAR (डेटांतर): e-Records Extraction Tool, e-GOV DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय) customized for large scale batch processing of e-records and compliance with eGOV-PID Preservation Metadata standard, mechanism for re-authentication of migrated digital records through network,server and 48 Terabyte NAS. during the pilot phase around 25 Lakh e-records have been extracted from the centralized database of CARD and around 12 Lakh migrated records have been re-authenticated by 67 sub-registrars from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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 ♦ Pilot digital repository established at National Archive of India, New Delhi
As per the mandate of Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation project, C-DAC has developed and established the pilot digital repository infrastructure at National Archives of India (NAI). It includes various software tools like DIGITĀLAYA: Open Archival Information System, e-RUPANTAR (ई-रूपांतर): Pre-archival Processing Tool, Repository Portal, Online Records Reporting System and hardware in terms of server, 36 Terabyte NAS storage, External Tape Backup and remote backup facility at C-DAC in the form of SAN and OSD storage through NKN. It is possible search and retrieve through 22 Lakh catalogues and around 15,000 public records, private archive and cartographic maps. Thus C-DAC has provided a complete digital preservation workflow to NAI, starting from digitization, pre-archival processing, preservation and public access through online repository portal. The portal allows the record officers from various ministries and government departments to connect with NAI.


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