March 24-25, 2009

Programme Schedule

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09.00 AM – 09.30 AM Registration
09.30 AM – 10.30 AM Inauguration
S. P. Dixit Welcome Address by S. P. Dixit
A. K. Chakravarti Vision for National Digital Preservation Programme by A. K. Chakravarti Download PDF
Joesph JaJa Opening Remarks by Joesph JaJa
Smriti Trikha Presentation on Indo-US S & T Forum by Smriti Trikha Download PDF
Dr. Dinesh Katre Vote of Thanks by Dinesh Katre
10.30 AM – 11.00 AM Tea
11.00 AM – 12.20 PM
Challenges of Digital Preservation
David Giaretta Digital Preservation Challenges, Infrastructures and EvaluationsDownload PDF David Giaretta
Micah Altman Challenges in the Curation and Preservation of Social-Scientific KnowledgeDownload PDF Micah Altamn
Steve Morris Preserving Geospatial Data: Challenges and Opportunities Download PDF SteveS Morris
Ramesh C. Gaur Barriers to access to Indian Cultural Heritage: Copyright, Permission Rights and Ownership issues vis-à-vis IGNCA Collections Download PDF Ramesh C. Gaur
12.20 PM – 01.00 PM
Digital Preservation Methods, Tools & Infrastructure
Joesph JaJa Tools and Services for the Long-Term Preservation of Digital Archives Download PDF Joesph JaJa
Sudarsan Rachuri Descriptive Metadata Requirements for Long-term Archival of Digital Product Models Download PDF Sudarsan Rachuri
01.00 PM – 02.00 PM Lunch
02.00 PM – 04.00 PM
Digital Preservation Methods, Tools & Infrastructure
N. S. Mani Archives and Digital Preservation : Different Contours Download PDF N. S. Mani
Victoria Reich Distributed Digital Preservation Download PDF Victoria Reich
Stuart L. Wiebel A Value-metric Framework for Data Curation Stakeholders Download PDF Stuart L. Wiebel
Reagan W. Moore Transcontinental Preservation Archive Prototype Download PDF Reagan W. Moore
Murlidharan Kesavan Data Repository And Preservation Storage Architecture Using Open Solutions Download PDF Murlidharan Kesavan
Shalini R. Urs Developing data models and architecture for long term preservation for diverse information objects Download PDF Shalini R. Urs
04.00 PM – 04.30 PM Tea
04.30 PM – 06.00 PM
Digital Preservation Case Studies
  New Media & Social Memory: Preserving Digital Art Download PDF Richard Rinehart
Sanjeev Kumar Gupta Smart Planet - Preservation of data in the Real World Download PDF Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
William G. LeFurgy Lessons Learned by Doing: The Experience of the US National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program Download PDF William G. LeFurgy
Pratapanand Jha Case Studies of Digital Preservation at IGNCA Download PDF Pratapanand Jha
Day-II, March 25, 2009
09:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Scalability, Sustainability and Future Emergence of Digital Preservation
H. K. Kaul DELNET : Concerns and Strategies for Digital Preservation and Sharing Download PDF H. K. Kaul
Keith Johnson A Layered-stack Architecture Proposal for Portable and Scalable Long-term Digital Data Access Download PDF Keith Johnson
ARD Prasad Preservation Metadata in Fedora Download PDF ARD Prasad
G. Sayeed Choudhury Sustainable Data Curation Infrastructure Download PDF G. Sayeed Choudhury
Usha Munshi & Jagdish Arora National Policy on Digital Preservation for India: A basic Framework Download PDF Usha Munshi & Jagdish Arora
Adam Jansen 21st Century Archives: Architecting the FutureDownload PDF Adam Jansen
11.00 AM – 11.20 AM Tea
11:20 AM – 01:00 PM
Scalability, Sustainability and Future Emergence of Digital Preservation
Dr. Dinesh Katre Ecosystem for Digital Preservation in Indian Context: A Proposal for Sustainable and Iterative Lifecycle Model Dr. Dinesh Katre
William G. LeFurgy NDIIP Projects on digital archiving of films Download PDF William G. LeFurgy
Adam Jansen American Law on Digital Preservation Download PDF Adam Jansen
01.00 PM – 02.00 PM Lunch
Theme: Recommendations for National Digital Preservation Programme
International Panelists

International Panelists
- Joseph JaJa (Panel Moderator)
- David Giaretta
- Stuart Weibel
- William G. LeFurgy

Indian Panelists
- A. K. Chakravarti
- Shalini Urs
- Mukul Sinha
- Sanjeev Gupta

Workshop Participants
Participants Participants Participants
Participants Participants Participants
Organizing Team
Organizer Group Organizer Group Organizer Group


Indo-US Workshop Organised by
Human-Centred Design & Computing group of C-DAC, India

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