Digital Preservation (What?)
Digital Preservation

Our Digital Universe

Large volume of e-Records are being generated through the 31 Mission Mode Projects of National e-Governance Action Plan (NeGP) across the India.

The digital information generated by organizations from diverse domains such as government, cultural heritage, science and education, audio, video, films, health, insurance, banking, etc are part of our digital universe, and each domain is a digital universe in its own right.

As per the “Digital Universe Study Report” by International Data Corporation (IDC), 2014 -
Estimated Size of Indian Digital Universe in 2020

2.8 Zettabytes

Estimated Size of Digital Universe in 2020

44 Zettabytes

(Includes the digital information from government, enterprise, social segments and all major forms of media –voice, TV, radio, print which would have completed the journey from analog to digital.)

Digital Preservation (Why?)
Digital Preservation

The fear of Digital Dark Age by 2020

Digital information of today is the digital heritage for tomorrow’s generations

Technological Imperatives
  • Non-tangible bitstream form of digital data
  • Obsolescence of file formats
  • Obsolescence of computer hardware & software
  • Obsolescence of storage devices and media
  • Failure of devices
  • Physical threats
Legal Imperatives
  • Information Technology Act
  • Right To Information Act
  • Public Records Act
  • Indian Evidence Act
  • Banking Regulation Act
  • Banking Books Evidence Act
  • Copyright Act / Digital Rights
  • Central Secretariat Manual for e-Procedure / e-office
Absence of digital preservation strategies in terms of
  • Lack of Awareness about digital obsolescence
  • No digital preservation policy
  • No standards, guidelines and best practices
  • No tools and technologies
  • No digital preservation infrastructure
  • No digital preservation skills
  • No quality control and audit procedures
Digital Preservation (How?)
Digital Preservation
National Initiatives by Department of Electronics & Information Technology
Digital Preservation Strategies
  • Create awareness
  • Define Digital Preservation Policies
  • Produce Digital Preservation Standards and Best Practices
  • Develop Digital Preservation Tools and Technologies
  • Design Digital Preservation Course Curriculum
  • Establish Trustworthy Digital Repositories
  • Adopt Audit and Certification Procedures
  • Build the National Digital Preservation Infrastructure
Nature of Activity
  • Domain specific solutions
  • Dynamic, cyclic, continuously evolving
  • Long term commitment
  • Dependable and trustworthy
  • Interoperable
  • Protective
  • Accessible and Usable
  • Sustainable
Vision Statement for National Digital Preservation Programme

Pursue the goal of long-term digital preservation of digital information (i.e. inclusive of born digital and reformatted digital content) across diverse domains; by creating the tools, technologies, best practices and sustainable infrastructure; to ensure usability of digital information through passage of time and obsolescence.


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