About C-DAC

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a Scientific Society under the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is primarily an R & D institution involved in the design, development and deployment of advanced IT solutions. C-DAC's thrust in meeting the national agenda has manifest itself in the execution of several key projects, leading to the creation of a strong brand equity for its inherent expertise and capabilities, in the global context. Presently, this expertise extends to High Performance Computing (HPC) including Scientific Modelling & Visualization; Multilingual and Heritage Computing, Applied Artificial Intelligence and Speech Processing; Software including Open Source Software (Linux), Multimedia, Graphics and Database Technologies; Strategic and Power Electronics and Agrielectronics; Real Time Systems, Embedded Systems and VLSI Design; Health Informatics; Geomatics; Cyber Security; Digital / Broadband and Wireless Networks; e-Governance and ICT for Digital Divide; and Education and Training including e-Learning. The key sectors addressed by C-DAC are Finance, Healthcare, Power, Steel, Defence, Telecom, Agriculture, Industrial Controls, Broadcasting, Education, Cultural Heritage and e-Governance.

About Human-Centred Design & Computing Group

Human-Centred Design and Computing (HCDC) Group at C-DAC is the designated Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation, by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India. The group has been entrusted the key agenda to provide inputs for the roadmap of national digital preservation programme in the country and the development of requisite technological infrastructure, tools, standards, guidelines and policies therein. Under this project, the group has established international alliances and built the capabilities and skill sets to design, develop and deploy a range of digital preservation and archival solutions across domains. The group inherits its core skills from developing interactive games, 3D modelling, virtual museums and multimedia learning and specializes in designing highly usable interfaces for solutions and services delivered through PC, mobile devices, Kiosk, Web, Interactive TV and emerging technological media.

The group has designed and developed several digital repositories, standard & guidelines, software products namely JATAN: Virtual Museum Builder, DARSHAK Mobile APP for Museum Visitors and Heritage Walk, DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय): Electronic Records Management and Archival System, DIGITĀLAYA (डिजिटालय): e-Library and Archival System, DATĀNTAR (डेटांतर): e-Records Extraction Tool, e-RUPANTAR (ई-रूपांतर): Pre-archival Processing Tool, e-SANGRAHAN (ई-संग्रहण): e-Acquisition Tool. There are over 50 cultural and heritage institions who have benefitted by the technological solutions developed by HCDC Group.

Human-Centred Design & Computing (HCDC) Group has a strong team of 50+ engineers and designers with technical competencies in the following areas of R & D:

  • Digital Preservation and Archival
  • Trustworthy Digital Repository Development
  • Cultural Informatics, Virtual Museums
  • Instructional Design / Multimedia for Learning Applications
  • Game Design, 3D Modeling and Virtual Worlds
  • Usability Research, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience Design