General Conference Chairs

Dr. Dinesh Katre Dr. Dinesh Katre
Associate Director & HOD,
C-DAC, Pune, India
Dr. David Giaretta Dr. David Giaretta
Alliance for Permanent Access (APA), EU
The interested authors, sponsors and participants may contact the conference chairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Luciana Duranti Dr. Luciana Duranti
University of British Columbia,
Prof. John Wood Prof. John Wood
Secretary General,
Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK
Dr. Juan Bicarregui Dr. Juan Bicarregui
Head of Data Services Division,
Scientific Computing Department, STFC - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
Monica Marinucci Monica Marinucci
Director for Research,
Oracle (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
S. A. Kumar S. A. Kumar
Director, R & D in IT Division,
Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India
Renu Budhiraja Renu Budhiraja
Scientist G, National e-Governance Action Plan (NeGP), DeitY,
New Delhi, India
Gautam Bose Dr. Gautam Bose
Deputy Director General,
National Informatics Centre, New Delhi, India
Dr. Mukul Sinha Dr. Mukul Sinha
Managing Director,
Expert Software Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India
Bill LeFurgy Bill LeFurgy
Digital Initiatives Manager,
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress,USA
Dr. Reagan W. Moore Dr. Reagan W. Moore
School of Information and Library Science,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Prof. Matthias Hemmje Prof. Matthias Hemmje
FernUniversität Hagen,
Dr. Jussi Nuorteva Dr. Jussi Nuorteva
Director General,
The National Archives of Finland

Programme Committee

Carlo Meghini Carlo Meghini
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche- Institute of Information Science and Technologies, Italy
Dr. Anne Thurston Dr. Anne Thurston OBE
International Records Management Trust, UK
Dr. Peter Doorn Dr. Peter Doorn
Data Archiving and Networking Services (DANS), Netherlands
Abhishek Jee Abhishek Jee
e-Governance & Green IT,
Vakul Sharma Vakul Sharma
Cyber Law Expert & Advocate,
New Delhi, Supreme Court, India
Dr. Ramesh Gaur Dr. Ramesh Gaur
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi, India
Prof. Makhlouf Shabou Basma Prof. Makhlouf Shabou Basma
University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland
Dr. Usha Munshi Dr. Usha Mujoo Munshi
Indian Institute of Public Administration,
New Delhi, India
Richard Rinehart Richard Rinehart
Director, Samek Art Gallery,
Bucknell University,USA
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Deptuty Director,
National Resource Centre,
NIFT, New Delhi, India
Pratapanand Jha Pratapanand Jha
Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, India
R. Venkata Kesavan R. Venkat Kesavan
DGM & Head ,
Times Archives & Knowledge Centre(TAKC),
The Times Group
Dr. Jeremy Leighton John

Dr. Jeremy Leighton John
Curator of eMSS,
Digital Research & Curator Team The British Library, London, UK

Barbara Sierman Barbara Sierman
Digital Preservation Manager,
National library of the Netherlands
Jason R. Baron

Jason R. Baron
College of Information Studies,
University of Maryland, USA

Dr. Christopher Lee Dr. Christopher Lee
School of Information and Library Science,
University of North Carolina, USA
T. Hussain

T. Hussain
Assistant Director,
National Archives of India,
New Delhi, India